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An Olympic Event

26/7th June 2012

June 2012 saw the arrival of the Olympic Torch into our area whilst on its UK Tour prior to the opening of the Games in July. Over these two days we hosted two special event call-signs in recognition of the Torch.

GB4COF (Cleethorpes Olympic Flame) was the call we ran on the 26th as the Torch arrived in Cleethorpes and stayed overnight after an event at the Meridian Park.

From 00:01 hrs on the 27th we took part in the Worked All Britain event hosting the call GX4WAB / square TA30. The WAB call has followed the torch around the country with many Ham clubs operating as the Torch passed their area.

TA30 is mainly covered in water, being in the North Sea and Humber Estuary with only a small part being on land. Our SES operating centre in the rear room at the New Sunnyside Club in Cleethorpes comes just within TA30.

Whilst on the air  with the WAB call the Torch traversed our area starting with a 06:00 hrs absail down the famous Grimsby Dock Tower before travelling around Lincolnshire and finishing for the day in the County Town of Lincoln

During the day 235 calls were logged on HF by our operators. This was mainly operated by Rob M1BYQ who was at the helm for at least 13 hours on his own (An Olympic Achievement on its own ) helped out by Dave M0KWK ( proprietor of the THE NEW SUNNYSIDE CLUB, even though he was well under the weather) and Adrian G1BRB who contributed a couple of hours after a 12 hour shift at his day job.

Rob M1BYQ on HF   -   Rob and Tony G1OAC  -   Brian M6LZX on PSK

We were also operating on PSK31 on 14.070 mhz and had 158 contacts over the two days with Brian M6LZX at the helm , helped out by Rik M6RKP on the 27th and Carl G7EOG . Pete G6NDH was working 2m and had a few contacts whilst Tom G4ZRV droppped in and connected his DSTAR handheld up for a few overs.

G6NDH (Blue top)    G4ZRV   (red top)     M6RKP (white and black tops)             

two views of the cobweb antenna in use with the 2m yagi on a rotator above.

We handed the call over at 23.55hours to LINCOLN SHORTWAVE CLUB  for their part of the WAB effort.

All in all it was a very satisfying event , even though tiring for some, and the Club were honoured to be part of such a monumental ( once in a lifetime) event.

We would like to wish all competitors  in both Olympics and Para Olympics 2012 the very best of luck.

The Torch Procession as it heads through Cleethorpes approx. 100yds from our SES operating centre.