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The Grimsby Amateur Radio Society

As far as we can ascertain the Society emerged from a meeting in 1936 when four Licensed Amateurs Fred Cole - G4GX, John Anglin - G4GZ, Bill Greaves - G5GS and Stan Stocks - G8KH started to meet regularly at a house in Parker St. Cleethorpes where ideas were exchanged on construction of both receivers and transmitters, for at that time there were no commercial suppliers of Amateur equipment.  It should also be noted that the license only permitted the use of an "Artificial Aerial" for testing the transmitter.With the outbreak of the war in 1939 all the amateur equipment was impounded by the Post Office who at the time were the regulating authority, and not returned until the end of hostilities in 1945.In the post war years meetings took place in a Public House in Victoria St. Grimsby and also in Fred Borril's shop which was at the corner of Garden St. and Ainslie St. Grimsby.  Members of the club in 1947/48 were:-

G5GS Bill Greaves, G5TZ Fred Borrel, G8PV Harry Freeman, G6UG George Becket, G8KH Stan Stocks, G8VI Reg Willows, G2VY Bill Burgess, G2AJV Roger Jennison, G2AJB Jack Booth, G2HOJ Fred Hunt, G4XC John Browne, G4GZ Jack Anglin, G3DAE Ted Bland, G3DFV Frank Fovargue, G3DTI Albert Putland and Rowley Walker, a BRS Member who was later to become G3IYT.

Fred Borril died about 1948 and the meetings went into decline for a while until Pete Peterson G3ELZ, John Brown G4XC, Harold Watson G3HTI, Rowley Walker G3IYT and Jack Booth G2AJB decided in 1951 or 1952 to call a meeting and actually form The Grimsby Amateur Radio Society with a committee and rules.

A few years later Harold Watson commenced teaching students interested in taking the Radio Amateur examination at an evening class in Elliston St School which usually started the term with about twenty students and resulted in an Annual pass of 7 to 10 which steadily increased the number of Licensed Amateurs in the District.  

One of the purposes and aims of the Society was to enter in the National Field Day competitions held Annually and this has been achieved until this past year when it was missed due to declining number able to use high speed morse.  Nevertheless a Team still competes in Club transmitting events and always put up a creditable performance.  We are fortunate in being a seafaring town and consequently has a good number of professional and ex services Morse Operators.

Over the years since 1951 we have held our Meetings at The RAFA Club when it was in Abbey Road, a room in Fletcher's Yard, a room over a garage at the back of premises in Welholme Road close to the Peoples Park, a room at the Central Hall, a room at the rear of the old tin church in Alexander Road Cleethorpes, the Alexandra Club in Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes, until we have come to rest on a Thursday night at The Cromwell Social Club in Grimsby were all are welcome to our meetings.

Brian F Chester G4DXB

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