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GX4GZ event held at the North Coates Flying Club

Photos from the July 2015 event from John Carter G8VKB

The weekend went well we arrived at 09:00Hrs on Saturday morning that is Tony G1OAC, Dave M0KWK, Tom G4ZRV, Chris G7BRZ, Bri M6LZX,  we set the gazebo up that was damaged last year with the storms followed by the antennas we had a problem with the generator it would not give enough power to run the radio's but fortunately there was 1 hook up point on the field so we used that Saturday we worked 44 stations on the Sunday Pete G6NDH joined us we worked 38 stations on 40 metres, it was hard going on the Sunday as the bands were not good over all we had a good weekend making 82 contact in all.

 Brian Siddle M6LZX